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Pluto is the goodest boy... except when it's time to take his vaccine shots!


Pluto's favourite things are his human, playing in the park with his human, and basically spending every minute with his human. But sometimes his human can get annoying, like when he takes him to the doctor to get a sharp, pointy injection!


Follow Pluto and his human on a science-filled adventure through the world of vaccines and viruses. The human helps Pluto learn about what these scary injections contain on their way to the doctor.


Their wonderfully informative journey helps Pluto earn a medal for not only being the 'bestest boy' but also for doing the right thing and saving lives!



About the Authors

Mehershad Wadia completed a Master’s in Molecular Biology from the University of Queensland in 2019 with his research studying double-stranded RNA-induced immunity against Cucumber Mosaic Virus in plants. Passionate about Genetics, Filmmaking and Writing, he has previously written for a show on ‘Disney+ Hotstar’ and is currently working at Queensland Brain Institute researching Neuronal regeneration.


Vibha Surya is an illustrator and designer. She holds a Master’s degree in Children’s Literature & Illustration from Goldsmiths, University of London. Few of her clients include UNICEF, Saint Gobain India, Hachette Book Group, Pratham Books, Kotak Mahindra Bank. You can find her work at

Pluto Gets a Vaccine

SKU: 9788195220304
  • Title: Pluto Gets a Vaccine

    Author: Mehershad Wadia

    Illustrator: Vibha Surya 

    Age Guidance: 6+ 

    Type: Hardback

    ISBN: 978-81-952203-0-4

    Book Dimensions: 9.75" x 7.9"

    Page Count: 26 pages

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