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When Line meets Line, what do they draw?

Come take a look, see what's in store!


You'll spot letters, shapes and signs,

That are all made from two straight Lines.


But is that the only way for Line to be?

You'll have to read the book and see!


Line Meets Line is an innovative children's book that encourages creativity and exploration. Through the eyes of a Line, kids will be able to explore the idea of self and the world around them while learning to appreciate the beauty of the composition of shapes and lines. With vibrant illustrations and a unique narrative, Line Meets Line is the perfect book for kids to learn about geometry, composition, and creativity – helping kids understand themselves and the world around them in a whole new way!



About the Authors

Rea Malhotra Mukhtyar is an award-winning children's author, who is passionate about telling stories full of heart and humour. Born and brought up in Bombay with a voracious appetite for company, Rea adores books and food in equal measure. She also has a twin brother, but luckily for him, he can't be consumed. She juggles many responsibilities such as being an English and Drama teacher, a freelance writer, actor and voice-over artist. When she isn't being a grown-up, Rea enjoys swimming with jellyfish, dancing in muddy fields, and buying far too many sparkly things. Her stories are full of funky hairdos, grumpy kittens, ridiculous rhymes, and Spanish soap dishes. 


When Aditya Angelo Fernandes was 5, they told their mum that they were "just painting some candles" but later that afternoon, she discovered they had painted everyone's sandals! Always drawn to colour, creativity and self-exploration, Adi grew up to be a visual artist and graphic designer, based in Bangalore. Led by their heart and a sense of empathy, they work with others who also want a better future for the planet and those who we share it with. More recently, Adi dipped their brush into another palate, and launched Angelo, a vegan cheese brand that embodies their values of conscious consumption. This is their first book; an ode to primary colours and thick black lines, but most importantly, to embracing change and individuality. 

Line Meets Line

SKU: 9788195220328
  • Title: Line Meets Line

    Author: Rea Malhotra Mukhtyar

    Illustrator: Aditya Angelo Fernandes

    Type: Paperback

    ISBN: 978-81-952203-2-8

    Book Dimensions: 8" x 8"

    Page Count: 56 pages

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